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Chariot is an Award-winning Advertising Agency fully accredited with INS & IBF, registered with Doordarshan & All India Radio having its registered office at Indian National Capital Business Hub Delhi. We are one of the leading Advertising agency services in the field of Media Releases, Brand Promotion on a 360 Degree basis with specialization in buying, releasing (across all media i.e., TV, Radio, Print, outdoor & digital). Further Creatives with strategy have always given us an edge to deliver at the highest level. We are driven by young & dynamic entrepreneurs.


Brand Strategy

We develop brand strategies that clearly identify short-term and long-term goals, communication channels and impact…

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Media Planning

Media planning includes various decisions in which we identify and deliver the promotional message to the prospective audience…

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Media Buying & Releasing

During the planning phase, we determine what media will be most effective to reach a particular audience. So once media…

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Electronic Media

Media releases are popularly known as press releases. It serves as an essential tool for promoting products and services…

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Print Media

Writing an effective newspaper press release is quite different from writing an excellent news story even when some people…

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Every business owner is aware of the fact that advertising is an integral aspect of their business. An effective marketing…

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